Privacy Conditions

Version: 09/2015
Last update: 09/2015

Lucky Shot Casino aims to create a safe and secure environment for all its players. Personal details are safely stored by Lucky Shot Casino. Personal details consist of name, address, date of birth, gender and other details requested on the registration form.

The methods of obtaining, processing, using and saving the player´s personal data in Lucky Shot Casino is described in the privacy conditions and the general conditions. Furthermore, these conditions inform the player about how to update his or her details. In the countries where Lucky Shot Casino is active, it has the following rules and guidelines in order to protect the personal data and privacy of the player.

1. Obtaining personal details

  1. Lucky Shot Casino requests for the following personal details (these details need to be filled in on the registration form correctly);
    • Personal details: username, email address, name, gender, date of birth, address, postal code, residence, country, mobile telephone number.
    • Financial information: Name account holder, country where bank is registered, name bank, account number.
    • Legal documents: passport, ID card, drivers license, payment cards, bank statements or other legal documents.
  2. Lucky Shot Casino uses your personal details in order to maintain the player account, offer the player a good service, send newsletters, be able to communicate and enable the player to use the Lucky Shot Casino services and products.
  3. The player decides whether he or she wants to receive Lucky Shot Casino newsletters or other emails. The player is able to indicate this decision at the account settings.
  4. All registered details belong to Lucky Shot Casino only, and will be used for the above mentioned purposes only.

2. Social Network

  1. The Facebook, Connect and Twitter services allow the player to share information with other people within his or her network.
  2. Facebook and Twitter identify your details, including the player’s name and email address, and allow the player to choose whether to share certain personal details or not.

3. Sharing personal details

  1. Lucky Shot Casino is entitled to send or reveal the above mentioned personal details to third parties related to Lucky Shot Casino in order for them to use this information for the above mentioned purposes.
  2. Unnecessary information will not be saved.
  3. If certain laws and regulations requires us to reveal the player’s personal details, government institutions and regulatory authorities are entitled to use the player’s details.
  4. Third parties have no right and access to your personal details. The player’s details will never be used by commercial third parties.

4. Cookies

  1. Lucky Shot Casino only uses cookies that are necessary for operating the website, including functions like logging in and responding.
  2. In Lucky Shot Casino the player is able to share pages with the player’s social network through for instance Facebook and Twitter. These options are indicated by the codes of Facebook and Twitter, for which cookies are used. The social media cookies remember that the player is logged in. This way, it has become unnecessary to login over and over again when the player wants to share something from Lucky Shot Casino with his or her social network.
  3. Via the link the player is able to check what Facebook and Twitter do with, and read from, his or her personal details.
  4. The use of cookies by third parties (partners, affiliates, service providers) is not covered in the Lucky Shot Casino privacy conditions, for Lucky Shot Casino is not able to control and check this.

5. Widgets

  1. Lucky Shot Casino contains widgets of Facebook and Twitter. These widgets are able to save IP addresses, and a cookie may be placed in order to get the best performance possible.
  2. Widgets are controlled by third parties and by Lucky Shot Casino. The privacy conditions of Lucky Shot Casino and the regarding third parties apply.

6. Keeping personal details up-to-date

  1. Players are able to adjust or change their personal details themselves. If the player no longer wishes to use the Lucky Shot Casino products and services, the player can have the account removed via the customer service.
  2. The personal details of players are saved as long as they have an account in Lucky Shot Casino.
  3. Changes made in an account ​​by a player affiliated to Lucky Shot Casino such as bank account number, personal data or other data relevant to the payment of winnings. Should be passed on to our customer service department by this player. Lucky Shot Casino can not be held responsible for late payments or missing amounts caused by the untimely passing of these changes. The player his or her self is responsible for providing the right information and keeping it up to date.

7. Links to external websites

  1. The Lucky Shot Casino website contains external links. These external links have different privacy conditions compared to Lucky Shot Casino. Lucky Shot Casino advises you to read these conditions.
  2. Lucky Shot Casino cannot be held liable for the privacy policy and the content of external links.

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