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Version: 09/2015
Last update: 09/2015

Lucky Shot Casino offers different bonuses; a welcome bonus, a loyalty bonus, temporary bonuses and a bonus earned by inviting new Lucky Shot Casino friends. The Lucky Shot Casino bonuses are exclusively ment for people with a real player account. The bonus conditions below and the general conditions are applicable to the Lucky Shot Casino bonuses.

1. General Conditions

  1. All Lucky Shot Casino bonuses are exclusively meant for players with a Lucky Shot Casino player account.
  2. The player understands and agrees with the applicable bonus conditions and the General Conditions of Lucky Shot Casino.
  3. A player is only considered for a bonus after this bonus is scheduled. Every new Lucky Shot Casino player is entitled to a welcome bonus after his or her first deposit.
  4. The welcome and loyalty bonus are subject to an expiry date. This means the bonus needs to be unlocked within a certain period of time. This period varies for each bonus and is indicated on the bonus page. In case the bonus has not been unlocked according to the applicable conditions and within the indicated period of time, Lucky Shot Casino has the right to cancel the bonus. In that case the bonus will be deducted from the balance on the player account.
  5. Lucky Shot Casino has the right to cease all offers and bonuses at any time. Obviously, we will try to inform all our players about important changes beforehand.
  6. Each Lucky Shot Casino bonus needs to be unlocked and staked before it is free to use any way the player likes. The amount of staking is called 'Turnover' and is shown on the bonus page. This amount varies for each bonus. The player is not able to unlock the bonus via a mobile telephone.
  7. As soon as the player accepts a bonus, the bonus can be received from Lucky Shot Casino. The player receives the money bonus when the player is considered for the bonus. The received money bonus is shown on the player statement. When the bonus is unlocked, it will be added to the balance.
  8. Lucky Shot Casino only allows one player account for each player, address, household, email address, credit card number, IP address and IP address in a common area. All bonuses can only accepted once.
  9. Besides the welcome bonus, Lucky Shot Casino offers loyalty bonuses. This bonus returns on a regular basis, subject to different conditions every time. These conditions will be revealed to the player beforehand.
  10. Lucky Shot Casino staff, managers, directors, agencies, license-holders and –providers, affiliates and other associated or related organisations or companies are not allowed to benefit from the bonuses and special offers o Lucky Shot Casino. The above mentioned rule also applies to direct relatives of the above mentioned individuals.
  11. Players misusing the Lucky Shot Casino bonuses and special offers, and acting contradictory to the bonus conditions and general conditions will be refused access to the products and services of Lucky Shot Casino.
  12. In case a player wishes not to benefit from a Lucky Shot Casino bonus or special offer, the player can contact our customer service in order to have them remove the bonus from the account concerned. The removal of a bonus or special offer is irreversible.
  13. In case the player has entered false personal details while registering for a player account, the player can be expelled from receiving Lucky Shot Casino bonuses and special offers.
  14. A player is considered for a bonus or special offer as soon as all personal details are truthfully entered at Lucky Shot Casino.
  15. The player is free to unlock his or her bonus on all games in the casino, except for the Cards, Roulette, Mini Games, Bonus slots, Mobile Games and Live Casino games. A bonus cannot be unlocked with a mobile telephone.
  16. Bonuses are not interchangeable between platforms managed or owned by Reload NV.

2. Welcome bonus

  1. Every new player in the Lucky Shot Casino receives a 100% welcome bonus. The player will receive the bonus with his or her first casino deposit. Welcome bonus amounts can vary from time to time.
  2. The player needs to play the bonus amount 25 times in order to unlock it, and before it can be paid out. Bonus explained: If a player makes a first deposit of € 100,-, he or she will receive another € 100,- from Lucky Shot Casino, which makes a total amount of € 250,- to play with. Now, the player needs to play € 100,- 25 times in order for the bonus to be unlocked and paid out.
  3. A welcome bonus needs to be unlocked within 30 days.

3. Loyalty bonus

  1. Loyal players with a player account are rewarded with a loyalty bonus. This bonus returns on a regular basis with different conditions.
  2. The loyalty bonus is subject to the general bonus conditions. Other rules for the various loyalty bonuses will be explained to the player by Lucky Shot Casino far in advance.

4. Free money bonus

  1. A free money bonus can be used to play directly in Lucky Shot Casino and is subject to a wager. The wager can vary depending on the amount given away as a free play money. The player is free to use his or her bonus free money on all games in the casino, except for the Cards, Roulette, Mini Games, Bonus slots, Mobile Games and Live Casino games. The free bonus money is intended for players to get familiar with the games in BigbanCasino. In no case it can be seen as real money to play with or can it be used for payout. The free money bonus is only given out to players who completed all required fields at sign up in their account.

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