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Each player with a Lucky Shot Casino player account is entitled to receive a bonus. Every new player in Lucky Shot Casino receives a welcome bonus of 100% of the first deposit, limited to a maximum of € 250,-. All loyal players are entitled to receive a loyalty bonus.

Lucky Shot Casino bonuses and special offers are exclusively meant for players with a Lucky Shot Casino player account and from countries stated in the allowed countries list.

As soon as the bonus is awarded, it will be added to your balance. From that moment on you can play with bonus money if you have no more normal money. As soon as the bonus turnover has been reached the remaining bonus amount will we awarded as regular money.

No, you are not allowed to receive more than one bonus at the same time. In order to activate the next bonus, you will first need to unlock the previous one.

Every new player trying its luck in Lucky Shot Casino who hasn’t had a Lucky Shot Casino account before, receives a 100% welcome bonus. You will receive the bonus with your first casino deposit. The amount of your deposit will be doubled up to an amount of € 250.-. As soon as you created your player account, and after depositing for instance € 100,-, the Lucky Shot Casino grants you another € 100,-.

All loyal Lucky Shot Casino players can benefit from the Lucky Shot Casino loyalty bonus. A loyalty bonus has a different theme every time. Every loyalty bonus is subject to different rules, which will be explained to the player far in advance. So make sure you keep your eye on the bonus page.

A bonus can be unlocked on every game in Lucky Shot Casino, except for Cards, Roulette and Mini Game.

Payments and payment

There are several ways to put money into your account. In your player statement, you can click on ‘Deposit’. Before depositing money, you will have to select a payment method. You can choose from Bancontact Mister Cash (for Belgium account holders), Visa or Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill/moneybookers and telephone payment. Then, you need to select the deposit amount. The final step is the deposit confirmation.

Bancontact Mister Cash offers you a simple and quick way to deposit money in Lucky Shot Casino. Belgium account holders can use Mister Cash to upgrade their account, but only the account holders that use the online banking system of Dexia, Fortis, ING, KBC, CBC, AXA bank or the VDK Spaarbank.

Lucky Shot Casino also allows you to deposit money via Visa or Mastercard. With Visa or Mastercard it is easy and safe to deposit money. If you use your credit card to deposit money, the amount of money will be added to your casino balance straight away. In case you won a large prize in the casino and you want to have it cashed via your credit card, Lucky Shot Casino may ask for verification of your credit card. Depositing via Visa or Mastercard up to € 250,- will cost you 2% service charge. Deposits starting from € 250,- are free of extra charges.

Lucky Shot Casino also allows Dutch and Belgium players to make telephone payments. Dutch players can upgrade their player account via telephone number 0900-9717 (€1,30 for each call. You will receive a code which needs to be filled in in order to upgrade your account. Belgium players can upgrade their account via telephone number 0905-77800 (€ 2,00 for each call). In order to make telephone payments, you will first need to send a copy of your ID and a statement of your telephone bill. This is for your own safety and Lucky Shot Casino tries to prevent fraud this way. After Lucky Shot Casino has received the requested documents, you are able to make telephone payments.

Neteller is an online account on the internet. It is also known as e-wallet. There are several ways to deposit money on your Netller account, which allows you to transfer money to Lucky Shot Casino with Neteller in order to upgrade your player account. Creating a Neteller account only takes a few minutes of your time. After upgrading your player account via Neteller, the amount will be added to your balance straight away. Click here to create a Neteller account. Would you like to deposit money via Neteller? Please be informed you will have to fill in your Account ID and Secure ID of your Neteller account.

Skrill, i.e. moneybookers, is an e-wallet which allows you to do online payments. Skrill works the same way as Neteller. Click here to create a Skill account.

Paysafecard is a prepaid card which you can use to pay discretely at Lucky Shot Casino. You can purchase a Paysafecard at one of more than 450.000 locations. Each paysafecard contains a unique 16 character code, you can use this code on Lucky Shot Casino to transfer the funds on the card to your wallet. You do not need to enter any personal information in order to acquire or pay with a Paysafecard, this way your payment is always secure and discrete. In order to make Paysafe payments, you will first need to send a copy of your ID.

In Lucky Shot Casino the minimum deposit amount is € 20,-, and the maximum deposit amount is € 10,000,-

Payments and payment:When and where can I make a payment request? Go to your player statement and click on the Euro button to go to the transaction page. Paying out is only possible via bank transfer, which requires you to fill in some details. You will see a statement which mentions your balance. The required minimum casino balance in order to make a payment is € 25,-. In case your casino balance is higher than € 25,-, you can fill in the desired deposit amount. In order to confirm, click 'Pay out’.

If you have won a large casino prize of € 2,000,-, and you would like to have this prize paid out, the casino will verify your personal details because we want to make sure the prize ends up with the right person. The casino may ask you to send a copy of your ID or passport, and a bank statement.

In Lucky Shot Casino you can make a payment request once a day.

Lucky Shot Casino offers as a special promo free play coupons containing a special free play code. In case one off these coupons is awarded to a player the coupon code can be filled in on the deposit page.

Player Profile

You can adjust your player profile at your account settings. Go to your player profile via your player statement. Here you can adjust your details. Please make sure to click on ‘safe’ after you have entered the adjustments, otherwise the changes will be lost.

You can change your password at your account settings. Go to your account settings via your player statement. Here you can change your password. Please make sure to click on ‘safe’ after you have entered the adjustments, otherwise the changes will be lost.

Each player that registers with Lucky Shot Casino has to be at least 18 years of age. Players younger than 18 years do not have access to Lucky Shot Casino.

You are obliged to fill in the right personal details. In case you haven't entered your actual age, and your age doesn't comply with the legal minimum age, your player account will be closed. All prizes on your account will be lost. After closing the account, Lucky Shot Casino will take legal action against the player with the false account.

No, Lucky Shot Casino only allows one player account for each player, address, household, email address, credit card number, IP address and IP address in a common area.

In order to create an account with Lucky Shot Casino, you have to fill in certain details. This is for the sake of your and our safety. By means of the details you fill in, we are able to check whether anyone misuses your personal data. It is possible to create only one account for each player, address, household, email address, credit card number and IP address. This way fraud can be prevented in Lucky Shot Casino.

A new password can be requested on the Lucky Shot Casino homepage, or by clicking on forgot password here. You will end up on another page, where you can fill in your email address as registered with Lucky Shot Casino. After you have done so, you will receive an email with a reset password which needs to be activated. Then you will receive a second email with your new password. With this password you are able to login with Lucky Shot Casino.

In case you don't want to receive any future Lucky Shot Casino newsletters, you can let us know via your account settings by unmarking the option 'I would like to receive the Lucky Shot Casino newsletter.'

A player account can be closed in case the player hasn’t reached the legal minimum age, the player has more than one account, the player uses a bank account, credit card or other payment methods that are not lawfully his or hers, the player uses money derived from criminal activities, or in case the player tries to hack games or other parts belonging to Lucky Shot Casino.

The player concerned will first receive a warning about his account being closed and the exact reason for it. If the player ignores the warning and doesn’t comply with the rules, the account will be closed for one month. After this month, the player will have access to his account again. Obviously, the casino will keep a close eye on this player. In case the player doesn't comply with the rules as described in the General Terms and Conditions once more, the player account will be closed permanently.

In case you want to stop using the Lucky Shot Casino products/service, you can close your player account via our customer service.

Technical information

If you started a casino game and your computer crashes, you did play the game. As soon as your computer has recovered, your results will be shown in your player statement. If you didn’t start the game yet by giving the start command, nothing happens.

In case you were in the middle of a game when the internet connection breaks down, you did play the game. As soon as your internet connection is restored, your results will be shown in your player statement. If you didn’t start the game yet by giving the start command when the internet connection breaks down, nothing happens.

In Lucky Shot Casino there is no need to install or download anything; all games offered by Lucky Shot Casino can be played via the website.

No, since you don’t have to download or install the Lucky Shot Casino games, there is no risk of a computer virus.

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Fatima A€ 21.60
Roy P€ 78.00
I. D€ 12.80
Jesper T€ 82.50
m.pama€ 15.00
michel s€ 14.78
aad€ 12.50
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