Responsible gaming in Lucky Shot Casino

We all do it once in a while: gambling. Gambling is fun, exciting and the prizes are worthwhile. That is, if we deal with it in a responsible way. Lucky Shot Casino stands for a responsible way of gaming. The gaming purpose is entertainment, not a solution for your financial problems. Lucky Shot Casino tries its utmost to create a safe and responsible gambling environment for its players.

Legal minimum age

Players in Lucky Shot Casino have to be 18 or older. Players younger than 18, do not have access to Lucky Shot Casino. Lucky Shot Casino carries out random tests to make sure that every Lucky Shot Casino player has reached this legal minimum age. In case a player has entered an unjust age while registering, the player account will be closed by Lucky Shot Casino. All winnings on the account concerned will be lost, and Lucky Shot Casino will take legal actions against the player with the false account. If you live with minors in your immediate surroundings, we advise you to install filtering software on your computer. This software makes sure that the minors in your surrounding will be denied access to our website.

Responsible gaming

We want our players to know that gambling is a form of entertainment, and we want them to be responsible when playing stakes. Lucky Shot Casino stands for responsible gaming and wants to prevent problem gambling.

Lucky Shot Casino helps players that find out to be a problem gambler. Lucky Shot Casino keeps a close eye on its players. If the casino notices problem gambling, it will draw the player's attention to it.

If you want to become a player in our casino, we advise you to consider the following guidelines beforehand:

  • Determine your budget before playing.
  • Only play within limited periods of time. Take a break in between.
  • Never spend more than you can afford.
  • Don’t play when tired.
  • Don’t play after consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • Don’t play trying to solve your financial problems.
  • Don’t gamble when recovering from an addiction.
  • Never borrow money to gamble.

Gambling addiction

Do you suspect yourself to be a gambling addict? Ask yourself the following questions. If one of the answers to these questions is 'yes', then you are a problem gambler.

  1. Do you play your total amount to the last penny?
  2. Do you play games to win back previous losses?
  3. Did you ever borrow money to play a casino game?
  4. Do you gamble out of emotional reasons or to forget about your problems?
  5. Do you cancel important appointments in order to gamble?
  6. Does gambling affect your private life?

See blow for a list of organizations who offer help in case of suspected Gambling Addiction or if you want info on how to prevent this:

UK organizations: #Gamble Aware #Responsible Gaming Trust #Gamcare

Worldwide organizations: #Problem Gambling Guide

Recent winners

wendy€ 50.00
M v€ 106.40
kelly€ 176.00
sabinaaa1€ 65.50
angelique€ 130.84
mohamed€ 130.14
piet€ 159.75
dineke€ 57.50
Charles€ 66.00
Martinus€ 65.90
mirjam€ 179.60
michael123€ 50.00
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dominique€ 28.40
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michel€ 17.28
diane€ 11.52
Rius O€ 19.32
naomi€ 15.88
Bartje2017€ 10.20
ja v€ 12.50
a3anamens€ 31.00
lion€ 22.26
ria€ 18.20
mouad€ 10.80
lucas€ 11.00
bart b€ 16.00
Charly M€ 12.55
Dion S€ 10.96
A H€ 11.84
Fatima A€ 21.60
Roy P€ 78.00
I. D€ 12.80
Jesper T€ 82.50
m.pama€ 15.00
michel s€ 14.78
aad€ 12.50
Jovita€ 15.36
jp v€ 16.00
dinesh s€ 44.90
Hielke Z€ 24.00
jessica€ 13.53
sanderosis€ 10.88

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